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Bahamian Baseball Legends

Greg Burrows & Freedom Farm

The name Greg Burrows in the Bahamas means, Freedom Farm Baseball

Greg Burrows Freedom Farm

Greg Burrows & Freedom Farm. To begin with, the name Greg Burrows in the Bahamas means Youth Baseball. Burrows, as a former youth player, knows the value of the game to young people. Then, seeing the big void led him in a search to find some property to build a field to start a league. As a result of this search, it led him to a farm owned by his wife’s uncle on Joe Farrington Road. 

The league on a Farm:

Hence the name Freedom Farm baseball league. However, as the saying goes, if you build it, they will come, and so they did. Kids started telling their friends about the league on a farm, and the word spread like wildfire, and the league grew. 

The Games at the Farm:

Quite Naturally, games are played on the farm most weekends; however, Cows, Sheep, & goats live there through the week. Then, game time was some very interesting times when the time came to clear the field of dungs and droplets from the animals, oh, the stories I have heard. 

Greg Burrows & Freedom Farm A Dream:

Besides the game’s fast growth, the field became too small for the demands to play; the teams were growing. However, the need for more games made Greg Burrows seeking bigger pastures, and he didn’t have to look too far. In brief, less than a mile up the road at the rear of his mother’s home was an underutilized park. Oh Yes! It was time to dream bigger and expand Freedom Farm Baseball. 

From Two to Four Fields:

In addition to building two fields at first, the players kept growing, and the kids coming out were younger and younger. In comparison, there were only two divisions, little kids and bigger kids (not literally). 

Growing the game meant more fields, so the parts of the park sitting there unused were being made functional. So came T-Ball, them Coach Pitch and 9-10 divisions, where the future stars were starting to develop, and then came girls’ softball. Besides, The Farmers grew from a few teams to 46 teams and growing.

Dear to dreaming a World Series Championship:
Greg Burrows Freedom Farm

2010 Cal Ripken Champions.

Greg Burrows dared to dream of the Bahamas winning a little league world series. After years of trying to get the little league world series, we got our breakthrough in 2010 at the Cal Ripken World Series 60 in Wilson City, North Carolina (Oh Happy Days). 

Above all, this team included four future minor league players and, most of all, a future major league player in 2020. Hence, the 2021 spring season saw three of these players invited to MLB spring training. 

Burrows Vision Continued:

However, with the league’s expansion, Burrows came up with more ideas to draw players and parents to the Farm. There was an annual Cake Bowl between Freedom Farm and the Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN). Those were friendly games, and everyone eats a piece of the cake after the games.

The Annual Church Service & March:
Greg Burrows Freedom Farm

2015 opening day march from Holy Cross Church to the Park. (photo by 360 Designs & Images) 

Freedom Farmers Freedom Farmers


2015 Opening Day Church Service. Photo by 360 Design & Images.

2015 opening day march to the park was massive. Imagine 800 players on this march. Now to add in 300 plus parents and friends, MASSIVE! Therefore, at the end of this season, there were some very burnt-out coaches. What a season? We had to add more playing days to get in that season in time for league travel that June. Farmers outdid themselves in 2015. 

Dreaming of an MLB Player.

Burrows, in 2003 revealed his vision for the Bahamas to start rolling out MLB players. After becoming president of the BBF, he told the meeting of his plans in his first AGM. Plan #1, A national baseball tournament with all the Islands. Plan #2, to flood the minor league with players through colleges, high schools, and local players. This idea was to build that product MLB would love to have (If we build it, they will come). 

Mission Accomplished 2011:

In the meantime, a player drafted in 2005 eventually was called up to the Major in 2011. Antoan Richardson became the first player from the islands to get the call since 1983 (Oh Happy Day). Mission Accomplished.

Therefore, today we have had that reached the summit. This season alone, there are three that are in spring training. Hopefully, we will get our first opening roster player in years (Good Luck Jazz).

However, Greg Burrows & Freedom Farm, I can write for days on the person and Freedom Farm and still not capture all of his thoughts and visions for the game. Maybe one day.

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