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A Tribute to Controversial Bunt

Finding a new friend: This resulted in Ed Armbrister joining the TCBY Waffle Cones, and I gain a true friend who played the game at the highest level

A Tribute to Mr. Controversial Bunt

A Tribute to Controversial Bunt, Edison Ed Armbrister. Who passed away on March 17th, 2021. First, I will try to write a tribute to my friend before the tears start to flow. I am very heartbroken about the death of my friend, who was an awesome person.

Becoming Close Friends.

Earlier, in the mid-90s, a friend came to me with news that players in the league have asked my sponsor to let Ed coach the team that I was coaching and that he was giving a heads-up. Right away, my sprite was jumping for joy. In summary, my workload was heavy at the time, as team manager, player, league president, and preparing the field every game.

However, Ed’s addition meant that the team would have gained a knowledgeable coach and two outstanding players. He turned our team around, making a now became a fore-runner to the top.

Finding a new friend:

This resulted in Ed Armbrister joining the TCBY Waffle Cones, and I gain a true friend who played the game at the highest level. Oh, Happy days. Even though I know him, I never knew of his love for the game and people. 

Ed loved to teach the game and loved coaching at the country’s highest level and wanting his player to play fundamentally sound every time. 

A Tribute to Controversial Bunt:

I can remember those late nights dropping players home after the games. Both Ed and I lived about 10 minutes apart so that we would enjoy our chats. Lastly, we worked well as coaches, growing our young team to compete. Ed moved on as I kept the team together with his support. 

Also, I started playing Old Timers Softball on a team that Ed coached, oh happy days again. Another fun team with two former players, and we started clicking again. Once again, we would share the same ride home after most games, oh how I will miss those chats, the stories, and the late-night calls.  

Edison Armbrister:

A Tribute to Controversial Bunt, so far, no tears; I would get a call from my friend almost every week. Furthermore, we attended the same church and loved the incredible teaching from our pastors. 

Most times we talk, you would tell me about those Big Red Machine reunions. Oh, how I wish I were there. Knowing that I was a Tigers fan, you told me many stories about the Skipper, Sparky Anderson; I love those. Finally, about your visit from former teammate Ken Griffey Sr. and his son Ken Griffey Jr aboard their Yacht at Atlantis Paradise Island. It must have been a great time. 

However, he always wanted to know about our minor league players, their upward movement in the game, and their lack. Also, very happy about the success of Antoan Richardson. Last week, he called me about a good anti-virus for his computer; he told me that he would get his daughter to pay for it. (If only I had known, so long, my friend) 

Our National Hero:

A National Treasure. You represented us well on the world stage in the game you loved, especially in the 1975 World Series. R.I.P We will miss you. 

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