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Bahamian Baseball Legends

Mr. Commissioner Jeff Williams

Mr. Commissioner, Jeff Williams

Mr. Commissioner Jeff Williams had a great sense of humor and always putting a smile on people’s faces. Yes, that was vintage Jeff Williams at his best day in and day out; he was still the same. However, he loved his job as the commissioner and the sport of baseball. 

A Love for the Game:

To begin with, his love for the game was nearly unmatched. Almost every young kid that played Pony and Little League Baseball knew of him. 

Most of all, his dedication was to make sure they played their games on the weekends, and he was a one-person show most days. Furthermore, players from those days would always talk about Mr. Williams, his ability to score and umpire simultaneously was unique to us youths. 

Even though he was in charge of the youths in the day, he was very much a part of the senior games at night. 

Mr. Commissioner Jeff Williams:

In the meantime, the sport of baseball on the weekends was the best place to be. Hence, Williams made sure the game officials were in place and ready to go on game day. Another of his tasks was setting the right teams to play on the prime days; the games the fans wanted to watch were paramount. 

Also, the right umpires were vital to deal with the players and fans alike. However, most fans had their choices of umps, and most times, it wasn’t the one calling the game, lol. Hence, the commissioner’s job was a tricky one for each game. In the end, a job well done. 

Jeff’s Returned:

1994, Jeff Williams returned to the game as president to help restart the senior program. A jump start to the game that has fallen to an all-time low before the restart in 94. In his case, he chose to spend one year at the top before moving back to the office of commissioner. 

For the most part, he never intended to stay at the top and was willing to pass it on to the younger men. So, Jeff helped out for four years before moving on and still supporting the league. 

The Commissioner, The Person:

Besides his ability to teach scoring and the game rules, he had a great sense of humor. Yes! Mr. Commissioner Jeff Williams had a joke for everyone and everything in the game. In short, which pitcher got hit the furthers and the hardest, how far a player hit the ball; and they were some hilarious distance, and which hitter who couldn’t the ball even if you put the ball on a tee. He had many stories that worth your time to listen to. 

A mentor, a friend, Mr. Jeff Williams was to many.

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