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Roscoe Hall’s Baseball Legacy was an interesting one. Hence, night after night, he was willing to take the ball. For instance, the offensive support he got as a pitcher gave him a lot of confidence. As a result, he had no problems challenging hitters. Plus, he was always around the plate with his ability to hit his spots and wasted no time on the mound. 

Rookie Year:

Almost overlooked by his senior team in 1968, Hall went on to win three top awards that year. As a result of his move-up, he won Rookie of the year, Best pitcher, and most wins (11). However, as a 1974 Del Jane team member, he posted a 1.11 ERA and five shutouts. Imagine a team with both Hall and Kirk Smith on its pitching staff (that was scary); they had a combined 11 shutouts that season.

The Old Man;
Roscoe Hall's Baseball Legacy

Roscoe to teammate Peter Bethel

Roscoe Hall’s Baseball Legacy. Usually, he would be the oldest on the pitching staff. However, he could have thrown a ball through the eye of a needle; he knew how to pitch. His fastball was very deceiving, and he had a sharp breaking curve that kept hitters off stride. 

Clothesline Hall:

Why the name? There are many stories behind the name Clothesline. In short, when you talk to the Oldtimers, you may get variance about why. However, it came about on a trip to an NBC tournament in Kansas, and it had something to do about a home run he gave up. 

Even though he gave up a few clothesline hits locally, it never boarded him one bit. He embraced the nickname while enjoying what he did. 

Clothesline the Pitcher:

Night after night, players claimed that they wanted to face him, and seven times out of 10, he was the victor. He would tell them, join the line, next up. Alone with winning back-to-back best in 1967 & 68, he played on ten straight pennant-winning teams and seven local and National Championships teams. 

A Bad Taste in your mouth:

After a game against Hall, most times, you would be wondering what happen. After all, you waited all day to face him, only to have a stormy night. In most games, he would have the last laugh.

In conclusion, after being a part of five championships in a row, the 1981 series was a shocker. Yes, game seven, top seven, two outs runner on second when Jeff Francis slaps a line drive to center scoring Brad Wood to the delight of thousands of fans. A line out to Kevin Bastian with two outs bottom 9th for the win against Roscoe Hall. It was a small bump in the road for the legend, which is nothing unique for legends. Furthermore, he went on to win two more titles. 

Roscoe Clothesline Hall, A Bahamian Baseball Legend.

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