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Bertrum Murray Sr Baseball Legacy is a very decorated one. The five-time best pitcher was tough on the hill. Hence, there are good players, and then there are legends that played the game, and Bertie is among them. 

Bertie won the best pitcher back-to-back to back in 1964, 1965, and 1966; He is the kind of player you would love on your team. 

International play:

Bertie Murray Sr. also played on many of the Bahamas’ National teams, mostly the National Baseball Congress tournaments. In the early to late 1960s, games were held in Wichita, Kansas, and he was a member of the pitching staff who traveled to those games. 

They were going to these games to help the local players game and better the league play. Besides, their competitors were top college & pro baseball players.

A Pitcher He Was:

Bertrum Murray Sr Baseball Legacy will show that he was a conventional athlete. First, he knew how to pitch, win games and was always reliable on the mound. Plus, he could hit his spots, always keep the ball low in the zone, and not be afraid to come up and in, with some chin music to keep you off the plate or down and in, to disrupt your rhythm and timing the batter’s box. 

A Pitcher He Was: Bertrum Murray Sr Baseball Legacy

78: Awards: Tony Huyler, Jayson Moxey, Bertie Murray, & Arthur Seymour

Pitching is what he did:

Furthermore, he added two more best pitchers to 1971 and the last one in 1978. He was the league M.V.P in 1971 with a 9-win 3rd loss record. Bertie also won the most strikeout in 1968 with 84 and then again in 1970 with 48. Also, he led the league with the most wins in 1971 with nine and in 1978 with 14. These are the stats on records, and there may be more. 

The Pitcher and his Offsprings.

Above all, Bertrum Murray Sr. was a pitching Legend, and his legacy is continuing through his offspring. In addition to son Bertie Jr. played D11, grandson Brandon played at the D1 College level, Bertrum 3rd is now playing at the D1 level. 2014 saw the Giants drafted grandson Byron; however, he is now playing at the D2 college level after a season-ending injury in the minors. 

Finally, Murry Sr. Living legend, a role model who shared his pitching knowledge with all who were willing to learn. 

Bertrum Murray Sr. A Pitcher, a Father, a Friend & a Legend. 

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