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Kirk Smith’s Baseball Legacy will show that he was one of the most dominating pitchers in the game. To begin with, this hard-throwing right-hander had command of his fastball year after year. 

Pitching Dominants:

Nicknamed, The Stumper, this 6′ 3″ pitcher was Kirk Smith, but some nights, he seems to be 6′ 8″ and 40ft away from the plate. To begin with, The Stumper was un-hittable in 1974, striking out a total of 125 batters that year. Then again, he was virtually harder to hit in 1975, where he strikeout 165. 

Furthermore, in a booklet on the 1974 Del Jane Saints, a writer wrote that Kirk had come into his own that year, striking out 125 hitters. After playing two years in junior league for the Penny Bankers and Maura Lumber; He then moved up to the senior league, where he played two years with Paradise Island—later moving to Del Janes. 

It seems that the move was the best thing for him in terms of baseball. Also, with the help of Wenty Ford, he became the mainstay of the team. Pitching 117 innings, striking out 125, and a 14-3 win/loss record, with an ERA of 2.09, a total of 6 shutouts, the MVP, and best pitcher. 

Years of Domanents:

However, his dominance from the mound in 1974 & 75 was unmatched in any two years for the league. For instance, that two-year span saw him with 290 strikeouts, 125 in 1974 & 165 in 1975. Also, he won the best pitcher four times, including three years in a row, 74, 75, 76, and 1981. 

He was continuing his excellent pitching.

Kirk Smith’s Baseball Legacy. In the years 1977-1980, his steady pitching continued. Hence, with the baseball fan base growing, he was a fan favorite, and they came out to watch the games. 

Another four years span saw that he still topped on the hill. For instance, in four years, he struck out 202 giving up 224 hits and walking 84, along with 21 hit batters. Also, the Stumper had a 26&7 win/loss record, 226 & 1/3 innings pitch, 97 earn runs for a 3.00 earn run average. 

70s Dominant:

For the most part, the BBA has one 20 game-winner (Henry Williams). However, in 1974 & 1975, there were 19 game-winners (Kirk Smith & Frankie Sweeting).  

With more pitching teammates, his workload was not as much, so the Ks average went down to about 50 a season. Finally, in ten years, he was a part of 10 pennant-winning teams (1974-1983) plus another one in 1984, 11 overall—along with eight championships and eight national championships—the last in 1985. 

Finally, when you hear the named The Stumper. He was a top pitcher in the game of baseball in the Bahamas.

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