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Cinderella Sweeting was masterful from the mound. Before or after midnight, it made no difference. One of the strongest players to play the game of baseball as a pitcher

Winning Seasons:

Born August 19th, 1942, he loved baseball, and it showed during his local baseball days. He started playing in the early 60s; in the 1963 season, he had a 6 & 3 win/loss record. Also, that year he led the league in strikeouts with 73 with I-Need-A Laundry. 

1977 saw Sweeting with a 12 & 4 wins/lost record with Paradise Island, for three years in a row all with the same team he won most victories; in 1975, the 19 & 6 wins/lost record (however tied him with Kirk Smith for most wins), 1976 12 & 6 wins/lost, and in 1977 12 & 4 win/lost record.  

However, that 19 wins season tied him with Kirk Smith for the second-most wins season by a pitcher in BBA history. There was a 20 game-winner; his name, Henry Hank Williams. 

A Fearless:
Cinderella Sweeting

Manager Vince Ferguson and Frankie Sweeting

The BBA would send teams off to play in the National Baseball Congress (NBC) tournaments in Wichita, Kansas. Moreover, the exposure helped the game grow, giving players something to look forward to every year.

In 1969, the BBA had its best showing with three wins, all behind the right hand of Cinderella Sweeting. Therefore, he inked his name in local baseball history, becoming the first to win three games at that level. Moreover, he got a hero’s welcome on his return home. His fearlessness continued well into the mid-80s.

Giving back to the game: 

Furthermore, in the early 90s, the game returned with a new start, and he showed his support for the league. Willingly taking on a new team in the newly formed league to help regrow the sport again. 

Together, with his love for the game, he was a hand full to handle, but he loved and enjoyed what he did. Also, he got to the park early to do some walking; he would take a few laps around the park before game time; that was routine; it was a must for him. 

He is a member of the 2014 HOF class, who enjoyed coaching his sons and watching his grandsons excel in the game he loved. 

Cinderella Sweeting

A Hero’s welcome back home for Frankie Cinderella Sweeting.

Final reflections:

In summary, Cinderella Sweeting’s legacy would be remembered in the minds of the young men coached by him and who may not have seen him play or the toughness he showed in his days as a pitcher. However, they would tell you about his coaching style, his antics, and his love for them. In addition to his frustration when he thinks his team isn’t following instructions, he leaves the dugout in haste heading for the bullpen to cool down before returning to the dugout. All in all, he was there for the game that he loved. We miss you, friend. 

Frankie Cinderella Sweeting, supporter and a friend. 

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