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Adrian Rodgers’s Baseball Legacy started as far back as the early 50s. In those days, there was a district league, and they played district games in those days. Hence, the island had three districts, the Westerners, Easterners, and the Southerners, with each district having its own team. 

The BBA:

So then, in August 1954. The Bahamas Baseball Association/ (The BBA) was formed as a league in Nassau. The records show that Adrian Rodgers won the best pitcher for the first three years. (1954-1956) 

Off to the Minor Leagues:

Furthermore, Adrian’s local performance earned him a chance to follow his elder brother Andre to play in the minors. Signing also the New York Giants in 56, he played in 12 games with a 3 & 2 wins/loss record. 

Subsequently, He missed the 1957 & 1959 seasons to injuries. Hence, Adrian played in 1956, 1958, and 1960 seasons with the Cardinals. Generally, after the 1960 minor league season. Adrian returned home and continued to play the game locally. 

Time to Manage:

In 72, Adrian Rodgers decided to share his knowledge as a manager/coach before retiring in 1985. However, he continues to share his knowledge with younger players coming up. 

Coaching the game:
Adrian Rodgers's Baseball Legacy

Calm in the mids of a bench-clearing brawl. Manager Adrian Rodgers is separating players in this game in 1978 Paradise vs. Becks Bees.

Compared to pro baseball, the local teams of the 60s, 70s & 80s played at a highly competitive level. Maybe at the double-A level. Besides having good players locally, teams had good coaches. 

Adrian Rodgers’s Baseball Legacy will show that he had lots of love & knowledge of the game and did not hesitate to teach it. Managing and coaching was something he had a passion for and still does. Playing against his teams, you had better bring your A-game because his teams played hard nose ball. 

He coached local teams: Penny Bankers, I-Need-A-Laundry, Marie Kelly, Big Q, Spotless Cleaners, and Cockspur Roosters. Thus, his love for the game made him a local baseball legend.

A Time to leave the game and Settle;

After the 1985 season, he was married and stopped coaching. By then, most players began to lose interest in the game. However, during that time, he had the privilege of coaching all of his brothers. For example, all of his brothers went to a spring training camp, and 4 out of 5 played in the minors and one in the majors. 

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