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Lorenzo Lockhart’s Baseball Legacy. They called him the captain. Captain Blood was the nickname. However, he was as quiet as a lamb on the field. But in the batter’s box, that was a different story; he was one of the most feared hitters in the game. Lorenzo “Donnie” Lockhart. Besides, you knew you were in for a long night when you played against him. Plus loved playing the game, which showed in his career stats. 

7 Times Batting Champion:

First, If I were to compare Lorenzo Lockhart in his prime to a modern-day, conventional athlete, he would be the batting champ & MVP. In his case, an outstanding hitter who did it well and mostly for average by winning 7 batting championships. Along with 5 home run crowns. But back in the 60s, Lorenzo played with his younger brother Richard “Dick” Lockhart, who also won the batting average in 1964. So, between 1960 and 1970, the Lockhart’swon five of ten batting crowns. Hence, between Lorenzo and his younger brother Richard Dick Lockhart, they had won 8 batting titles. Also, Lorenzo won best hitter 4 years in a row, 1966, 1967, 1968, & 1969. 

Great Moments:

One of Lorenzo Lockhart’s Memorable moments in the game for him was winning the M.V.P honors in a baseball game that was played as a part of the country’s independent celebrations in 1973; it was special to me because most of the guys who play the game in the professional ranks came home to play in that game, so it was good to show he was still able to win the M.V.P. 

Teams Travel:
Lorenzo Lockhart's Baseball Legacy

The 1967 Bahamas National Team, Brothers Lorenzo & Richard on the front row.

Also, the BBA (Bahamas Baseball Association) would send teams to compete in the USA. Namely, The World Baseball Congress games in Wichita, Kansas. Hence, Lorenzo Lockhart was a part of those teams. 

In 1979 he was selected to the Bahamas Pan American baseball team, and the Games were held from July 2 through July 11, 1979, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, the team finished the tournament with a 3 & 5 wins/loss record; finishing fifth overall, Wenty Ford was the team manager. 

Playing at the other level:

In this case, one of the most amazing things you would ever hear is that he was never offered a chance to play minor league baseball. Here we have one of the most feared hitters in the game locally, and he did not get an invite. I can only imagine what the outcome of him playing at the minor league level would have been like. 

In conclusion:
Lorenzo Lockhart's Baseball Legacy

The Captain, Captain Blood.

Lorenzo Lockhart’s Baseball Legacy made him. A Bahamian Baseball Legend. A Bahamian Baseball Hall of Famer.

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